Some Useful Information Regarding The Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Cập nhật ngày: 12/12/2022

Vietnamese hair extensions have long attracted so much attention from the customers worldwide thanks to its superior quality and affordable price. Continue reading to learn everything about them, which include their most notable characteristics and top the best ones to work with. 

Why you should choose Vietnamese hair vendors as your business partners 

Are the hair products offered by Vietnam hair vendors fulfill your requirements, and are Vietnamese hair extensions a worthwhile investment? 

1.1. Vietnamese hair vendors supplies hair of high quality

Hair vendors in Vietnam have a well-established reputation for offering superior hair products: 

  • The superior quality of Vietnamese hair products is due to the use of superior materials: 
    • Hair extensions supplied by Vietnamese hair vendors are made from 100% human Vietnamese hair, which is straight, black, shiny, smooth and durable thanks to natural characteristics with caring routine involving natural ingredients of Vietnamese people.
    • In addition, Vietnamese hair hasn’t been treated chemically, so the hair from Vietnamese hair vendors can last up to 15 years if cared for properly. 

Vietnamese hair vendors supplies hair of high quality

  • Vietnam hair vendors recruit skilled workers who are able to create numerous difficult hairstyles while maintaining the high quality. 

1.2. Vietnamese hair vendors sell their products at affordable price

The majority of Vietnam hair vendors are located in regions with plentiful and readily raw materials, which reduces storage and delivery expenses. Moreover, their cheap labor costs enable them to supply hair at competitive prices. 

Hair supplied by Vietnamese hair vendors is of superior quality to those of other hair vendors from other countries at the same price. 

1.3. Minimize the risk of facing con artist when working with Vietnamese hair vendors 

You can face many risks when importing hair abroad such as fraud (payment without receiving the goods) or customs holding the goods. However, these risks are reduced when you import hair from Vietnamese hair vendors. 

Minimize the risk of facing con artist when working with Vietnamese hair vendors

The number of Vietnam hair vendors is smaller than that in India or China, making quality control easier and minimizing the likelihood of encountering con artists. 

Vietnam is renowned for its stable political situation with export-promoting policies so you do not need to worry that the customs hold the goods when working with Vietnam hair vendors.

Some notable facts regarding Vietnamese hair vendors

When purchasing from hair vendors in Vietnam, some information below will be helpful: 

3.1. Vietnamese hair vendors are of two types: commercial companies and manufacturers 

Vietnamese hair suppliers are mainly commercial companies which  import goods from the real manufacturers and resell at a profit-generating markup. To get the best deal from Vietnamese hair vendors, it’s advisable to locate a manufacturer. 

Ask an unexpected video call with the vendors to determine if the hair supplier is a manufacturer or a commercial company. If the representative can exhibit workers, facilities, and completed goods, they are the real manufacturer. 

3.2. Where mostly Vietnamese hair vendors are primarily located 

Vietnam hair vendors typically have their factory located in some industrial provinces like Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Thanh Hoa, etc., while their sales headquarters are in Hanoi. 

3.3. Vietnamese hair vendors mainly use raw hair as raw materials 

Remy hair is currently the main material used by hair vendors in Vietnam: 

Many Vietnam hair vendors sell virgin hair for marketing purposes only. 

Due to meticulous selection for quality and similarity, remy Vietnamese hair is nearly identical in quality to virgin hair. 

How to avoid being scammed by dishonest Vietnamese hair vendors 

Vietnam does not have a large number of con artists, but caution is still advised. Let’s consider how to avoid fraudulent Vietnam hair vendors: 

  • Be Alert for Fake Images: If the product or company  photographs appear too flawless and computer-generated, the hair vendor can be a scammer. Choose Vietnam hair vendors with real and authentic photos. 
  • Be wary of extremely low prices:  You should be wary of the Vietnamese hair vendors offering unattainable prices or discounts that seem implausible. To minimize the risk of being scammed, you should conduct a survey of the market price.
  • Because the price will commensurate the quality, reputable Vietnam hair vendors won’t offer you significantly below-average pricing.
  • Avoid companies without a brand. At minimum, a reputable Vietnamese hair vendor will have its brand registered. 
  • Examine customer testimonials: Reputable Vietnam hair vendors should have various good feedbacks from both domestic and international clients. 

Examine customer testimonials to check if the Vietnamese hair vendors are reputable

  • Reputable hair vendors in Vietnam should have overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. 
  • Search for additional contact information: Only reliable Vietnamese hair vendors with websites and additional channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. A scammer can block you right after you make payment. It’s preferable to find hair vendors with various online presences. 
  • Be wary of the Vietnam hair vendors who do not have client protection policies, such as return and refund procedures. If the hair is of good quality, they will permit your returns with confidence. 
  • Be wary of hair vendors in Vietnam who refuse video calls. Consistently avoiding video calls is a red flag for cons. 

The most trustworthy Vietnamese hair vendors

Below is the list of the most reputable Vietnam hair vendors, renowned worldwide for high-quality hair and affordable prices. 

5.1. AZ Hair – one of the most reputable Vietnamese hair vendors

Having been in the hair industry for over 15 years, AZ Hair can be considered among the largest and best Vietnamese hair vendors. 

  • Their main products are bulk, weft hair, closure, and frontal. Their hair is  well-known for their exceptional quality. 
  • Price is reasonable, beginning at $11.8 for 100g straight hair from 8″ 
  • Under certain conditions, AZ Hair accepts exchanges and returns in 3 days. 

Customers recognise Az hair as one of the most reliable Vietnam hair vendors due to its excellent service and quality. 

5.2. Mic Hair – one of the most reputable Vietnamese hair vendors 

Mic Hair is one of the most trustworthy Vietnamese hair vendors, specialising in the global trade of virgin hair and raw hair for over a decade. 

  • Mic Hair mainly provides a variety of lengths and colors of weft hair and bulk hair. Mic Hair’s weft hair garners a great deal of interest from customers around the globe. 
  • Pricing: reasonable, start at $12.9/100g 
  • Except for custom orders, the company accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days. 

Mic Hair consistently receives positive feedback from clients. Many  customers are pleased with the products’ quality and competitive prices. Consequently, they consider Mic Hair one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors. 

5.3. MCSARA – one of the most reputable Vietnamese hair vendors 

MCSARA is the best Vietnamese hair supplier that best fulfills your requirements if you are looking for superior quality hair extensions. 

  • Products: With the exception of wigs, many types of hair extensions are available. 
  • The price is very reasonable and falls within the low-priced segment.
  • Policy: MCSARA accepts returns and exchanges

MCSARA is regarded as one of the best hair vendors in Vietnam by international clients.

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